Sport Select Sucks
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Sport Select Proline Odds

The biggest reason Sport Select sucks is because of the terrible odds offered. The Sports Select Odds are so bad many experts say that it is virtually impossible to win at Sport Select over the long run. But just don't take our word for it. Here is a discussion of Sports Select's odds taken from the Sport Select Wikipedia page.
"In recent years, Sport Select has come under increasingly heavy criticism from Canadian gamblers due to the poor odds it offers (from the gambler's perspective). A private bookmaker licensed in the United Kingdom or Nevada generally maintains an overround (or "vig") of about 110%, meaning the bookmaker can expect to pay out $100 for every $110 that is wagered. In Canada, however, the overround for an individual match in Sport Select odds often exceeds 130%. To make matters worse for the bettor, the parlay requirement compounds the overround - the actual vigorish is a minimum of 160% but can climb to well over 300% (if six selections are made). In jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom where genuine competition is allowed, bookies often pay bonuses for winning parlay bets to help offset the compounded vig. Sport Select does not."
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Why Winning on Sport Select Proline Is So Hard

-Sport Select doesn't allow you to bet single games. They force you to bet a minimum of three games further reducing your chance of winning.
-Sport Select makes you to choose between three outcomes for many of its sports. For football you have to choose a team to win by 4 points or more and in basketball you have to choose a team to win by 6 points or more. And in regular season hockey if the team you picked wins in overtime you lose your bet because it is graded a tie. All this does is make it more difficult for you to win.
-The selection of Sport Select Odds are limited at best. Sport Select does not offer 1st half bets, 1st period bets, teaser bets, halftime betting, live in-play betting, regulation time betting, team total betting, etc.


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